Section Structural Design + Building Materials

  • Stahlgitterschale an TU München, Martin Ley

  • Diplomarbeit Stadion in Krakau, Schling, Kosdruy

  • Statik und Festigkeitslehre, Schling, Barthel

  • Holzgitterschale in München, Michael Ethan

  • Vordach Hotel Intergroup, Thomas Brandl

  • Studien zu einer Eishockeyarena, Schling

Structural Design

The section is dedicated to the teaching and research of architectural load-bearing structures with a focus on their design in the field of interaction between the related disciplines of construction, sustainability, design and digital methods. The geometric laws of load-bearing principles, load-bearing systems and materials are closely linked with three-dimensional quality and functionality as well as manufacturing and construction parameters, thus enriching the design.

The section teaches creative and experimental structural design for architects. A central approach is the comparison of digital and physical models. Through independent modeling and critical comparison, students experience a scientific approach to structural design. This strategy is continued in international research projects with transdisciplinary partners. Experimental studies are used to explore the complete design cycle, including the production and evaluation of large-scale prototypes.

Research Associate (m/f/d) in the section for Structural Design (50%)