Sustainable Building Systems

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Philipp Geyer
Heisenberg Professor

The department deals with technologies that are applied in design, planning and operation of buildings and with the related challenges of sustainabile building. The focus of research and teaching is the realization of an energy-efficient and sustainable built environment. Technology includes first the systems of building services, for which well-performing solutions will be developed in interaction with architectural design. Second, technology includes methods of digital modeling, collaboration processes, and simulation to integrate engineering in early design and planning phases for sustainable building and for the management of the resulting complexity. Results are intelligent strategies and solutions for building systems and design as well as for the energy transition of the built environment. The Heisenberg funding deals with artificial intelligence (AI) and especially machine learning (ML) for generating data-driven models as assistance for designers and planners for the management of the complexity and for the development of strategies. In the lab, data for such AI methods are acquired, systems and strategies are tested and validated and in the of smart building and smart cities context examined by means of hardware-in-the-loop technology.