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Data Sciences for Design and Engineering

Data Sciences for Design and Engineering

Computers changed the way we think, design and build architecture. Computers tools allow architects to explore new aesthetics, simulate the performance of their design, or automate their design tasks in a way never seen before. Artificial Intellenge (AI) is one of the latest development in that field with great potential for real-time design assistance in the architectural practice. It may completely change the way humans (co)operate with machines.

To develop the expertise to design and evaluate architecture with the latest methods from data science, Artificial Intelligence (AI), we offer a combination of two joint seminars by the chair of Digital Methods in Architecture, dMA and the chair of Sustainable Building Systems (SBS). dMA will provide the computational design methods to generate parametric variations of a given design intent. Sustainable Building Systems will provide the energy simulation and AI expertise to evaluate the performance of a given design candidate.

Designing for Energy Efficiency Architecture – Simulation and AI by SBS covers the following topics:

  • Embed a performance model in a digital design process
  • Derive and parameterize energy simulation models
  • Generate performance data exploring a solution space
  • Identify key factors to influence the energy efficiency
  • Prepare performance data for machine learning (ML)
  • Generate a data-driven performance model by ML for design assistance
  • Embed the data-driven model in a design environment

A design for a greenhouse, urban farm, vertical garden will serve as design context.

Die Lehrveranstaltung findet in Englisch als Unterrichtssprache statt. 

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Philipp Geyer  | Xia Chen |Ann-Kathrin Salich | Shaofan Wang