Preventive fire protection (VB)

elective modul, winter semester + summer semester

From design to fire protection concept

The seminar presents the essential requirements for buildings from the perspective of preventive fire protection and provides knowledge of structural, technical and organizational fire protection. Fire protection concepts for different structural systems and uses (e.g. large residential buildings, high-rise buildings, retail outlets, places of assembly, hospitals, industrial buildings) can be created on the basis of the legally standardized protection goals and a comprehensive "fire protection toolbox" can be used and individually applied to the respective architectural design.

The focus is on

  • Protection goals from the perspective of preventive fire protection with reference to relevant legal bases
  • Structural fire protection
  • Structural installations of a special type or use from the perspective of preventive fire protection
  • Technical fire protection equipment and its use
  • Organizational fire protection measures
  • Assessment of selected architectural designs with special consideration of preventive fire protection requirements (e.g. timber construction, construction in existing buildings, high-rise buildings with different uses)

The number of participants is limited to 30.

Proof of performance: Workshop, short presentation

Number of credit points: 5 cp