Building Material (BS)

Bachelor, 1st semester

The course Building Material is part of the module Design and Construction A. It is offered in the winter semester.

The idea for a building is transformed into reality through the planned use of building materials. The building material characteristics are the decisive criteria for the fulfillment of all design conditions. In addition, the choice of building materials influences the durability of the structure and plays a significant role in its appearance.

Structural defects and damage are often caused by the incorrect selection or processing of building materials. The use of machinery, the need for supporting measures and, above all, the technical qualifications of those carrying out the construction work must be included in the planning process.

The course consists of a series of lectures.

The aim of the subject Building Material is to teach the basic characteristics of natural and artificial building materials such as wood, natural stone, brick, concrete, metal, glass and plastic.

The possible applications resulting from the material characteristics are shown and the influence of the material on the construction and design of a building is highlighted.

The proof of performance is a written exam at the end of the semester.

Number of credit points: 2 cp